Spray Foam Insulation


If you’re looking for a simple way to save money and keep your home comfortable in the hot and cold months, one of the best things you can do is invest in spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation is among some of the most effective insulation you can get and offers many benefits to homeowners. Spray Foam Genie is your go-to insulation contractor. We provide quality residential insulation to homeowners all over the U.S. and are proud to do high-quality work. If you are interested in Spray Foam Insulation, contact Spray Foam Genie today!

What Is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is a high-quality insulation material composed of two chemicals. It is made of polyol resin and a form of isocyanate. Combining these two chemicals creates a chemical reaction that creates a foam that will expand when it is sprayed onto a surface. The way it expands allows the foam to fit into any area, even if they are hard to reach or strangely shaped. The foam will harden in a matter of seconds and have an airtight seal. It will never lose its shape once it has hardened. As you can imagine, these properties make spray foam insulation very valuable and useful as insulation.

man using spray foam machine
man spray foaming beams

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is an extremely effective insulating material. It provides a higher average R-value than other types of insulation and will therefore allow your home to heat and cool more efficiently. Spray foam insulation is also very effective at cutting down on mold and mildew as well as common allergens which can make your home more pleasant to live in. It is a durable and dependable material you will never have to worry about again once it is installed. It is also very resistant to pests. It is truly an excellent insulation material and one worth investing in. If you are interested in spray foam insulation contact Spray Foam Genie today!

spray foam gun
man spray foaming attic

Spray Foam Insulation Process

Spray foam insulation is relatively simple to install but it’s still a good idea to depend on a professional, such as the experts at Spray Foam Genie. The insulation contractor will start by giving a detailed explanation of the project before preparing the application site by increasing ventilation. Once the site is prepped, the insulation contractor will likely need to put on protective gear. They will then prepare the spray foam insulation. This is typically mixed and heated on-site. While the spray foam insulation is being installed, the insulation contractor will likely request only workers in appropriate safety gear enter the site. Upon completion of the installation, the insulation contractor will clean up and dispose of anything that went unused. You can typically use the site as normal after 24 hours.

Why Choose Spray Foam Genie?

Spray Foam Genie is your go-to insulation contractor  We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to ensure your spray foam insulation is installed perfectly and you won’t have to worry about your residential insulation for years to come. No more wasting money on utilities due to poor insulation. No more worrying about mold or mildew. We will ensure your home is well insulated so you can rest easy, knowing your home is in the best hands. If you are interested in spray foam insulation, don’t wait. Contact Spray Foam Genie today! 

Spray Foam Genie provides high-quality spray foam insulation to anyone who needs it. Don’t wait to get the residential insulation you need. Contact us today!